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Calcium deficiency

Calcium deficiency

Calcium is an essential mineral for life. It helps in the building of bones and maintains the healthy condition of it. Most of the calcium in our body(up to 99%) is present in bones and teeth and thus supporting its structure and hardness. In addition to this, calcium helps in our blood to clot, muscles to contract, and our heart to beat.

We lose calcium every day through our skin, nails, hair, urine, sweat. Our body needs calcium externally, as it cannot produce on its own. So it is essential to add calcium-rich food in our diet. When our calcium intake is less our body balances it by taking the calcium from our bones and teeth. But if this goes in the long run our bones get weak and easy to break. This condition is called Hypocalcaemia. It occurs when calcium levels in your blood are low.

Calcium needed for a day

The calcium need of your body depends on your age and sex. So based on it,

For women,

  • Age 50 and below – 1000 mg/ day
  • Age 51 and above – 1200 mg/ day

For men,

  • Age 70 and below – 1000 mg/day
  • Age 71 and above – 1200 mg/ day

Why we need calcium?

It plays various roles in the body. Such as,

Bone health

Calcium is essential for bone growth and maintenance. When a child grows, calcium helps in bone development. Once the growth period is completed, calcium maintains the strength of your bones and teeth and prevents you from bone density loss. Females who are nearing their menopause stage are more vulnerable to bone density loss, which leads to osteoporosis. Usually, the doctor suggests calcium supplements who are facing this. To learn about product supporting our bone health visit our Ayurveda product section

Muscle contraction

Calcium helps in the contraction of muscles. When a nerve gets stimulated, calcium is released from your body. Calcium jointly with proteins present in muscles to carry out muscle contraction. Muscle gets relaxed once the calcium is released. Know more about products for muscle health in our Ayurveda product for muscle section.

Cardiovascular system

Calcium is a key element in the blood clotting process. This process has a number of steps, but calcium with a number of key elements helps in the blood to clot. The muscular function of calcium includes maintaining the heart muscle. Studies have concluded the link between high consumption of calcium with low blood pressure. If you wish to learn how herbal products help in maintaining blood pressure in our Ayurvedic product for blood pressure.

Calcium and enzymes

Many vital enzymes cant work properly without calcium. If you are interested in herbal supplements for maintaining your calcium visit our Calcium supplements section. With proper consumption of calcium, you can be preventive from many issues like

  • Low the risk of high blood pressure during pregnancy
  • Low the risk of high blood pressure in younger people
  • Improves cholesterol value
  • Low the risk of colorectal adenomas ( a type of non-malignant tumor)

Signs and symptoms

Hypocalcemia has no early symptoms. But the complications can be avoided if you have any following symptoms. So you can get prompt treatment.

Muscle problems

When people are walking and being active, a calcium-deficient person will have muscle cramps, spasms which are the earliest sign. People tend to have pain in their thighs, arms particularly in underarms. Some cautioned symptoms are having numbness and tingling in hands, feet, and around the mouth when you have to reach your doctor. Maintain your muscle problem and get free Ayurveda consultation from our well-reputed Doctors.


Calcium deficiency can cause insomnia or sleepiness. Because of this people may tend to experience,

  • Extreme fatigue
  • Lethargy
  • Lightheadedness and dizziness
  • Lack of focus
  • Lack of energy

Nail and skin

Calcium deficiency affects your skin, nail, and scalp. It makes your skin dry and itchy called eczema. Damaged and weak nails will be a major symptom. Also, some people suffer from alopecia(hair loss causing bald spot).


Due to the low level of calcium, your body will try to manage the calcium levels from your bone. Continual balancing will lower your bone density. This condition is called Osteopenia. On a period of time, Osteopenia will cause Osteoporosis. It makes your bone brittle and more susceptible to bone fractures.

Dental problems

When the body lacks calcium, dental issues arise,

  • Weak root
  • Tooth decay
  • Irritated gums
  • Brittleness
  • For infants with calcium deficiency, there will be delayed tooth formation.

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