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Immunity Ayurveda

Immunity  is  a  balanced  state  on  which  the  body  defends  itself  with  foreign  invasions  like microorganisms  and  other  diseases  causing  elements.  So  a  person  being  immune  can  be resistant to the invasions either by immunization or by the previous infection. Our immunity level should be balanced to attain an optimum state with our health and physical body.

Ayurvedic view

In  Ayurveda,  the  core  motive  is  not  with  suppressing  the  symptoms  but  identifying  the root cause of imbalance in doshas. Each individual is unique so as their immunity. It differs on the basis  of  the  dosha  they have. So an ayurvedic practitioner identifies the dosha in a detailed format  starting with the food, their daily activities, work, and emotional stability. Thus dealing with the whole mental and physical state.

Reasons for low immunity

Good health is defined by the natural resistance to diseases and infections. Troubles with lower immunity are digestion issues, respiratory issues, stress, fatigue, weakness, allergy, etc. There are many causes to low immunity like,

●    Genetic factors

●    Mental health

●    Poor diet

●    Pollution

●    Lifestyle

●    Metabolic issues

Troubles due to low immunity can be easily overcome by the following tips.

Healthy eating

What you eat is what you are. Eating healthy and wise is a vital part to overcome any health issue. Diet we take should be based on balancing the dosha according to our Prakriti. Food to be avoided is alcohol, canned foods, sodas, processed sugars, and fried food with high calorie and preservatives. To improve immunity, boosters like turmeric, coriander, cumin, black pepper should  be  taken  regularly  with  food.  Include  more  green  and  leafy  vegetables  and  nutrition enriched  fruits  in  your  diet.  Eating  at  short  intervals  and  having  light  food  at  night  is recommended.

Ayurvedic supplements

For  a  healthy  body  with  proper  diet  intake,  it  is  necessary  to  have  some  supplements  to enhance the immunity level.

●    Giloy: A versatile herb that helps with immunity and digestion. Apart from it there many other health benefits of it.

●    Ashwagandha: A powerful herb promotes in balancing the physical and mental health and restores the body by increasing immunity.

●    Chayavanprash: With rich in vitamin c, it is taken as a supplement for ages. It deals with the protection of cold and flu, promoting heart health, and boosting immunity.

Detox and keep the fire

Agni(digestion)  is  very  important  in  maintaining  our  health.  It  is  where  the  food  we  take  is processed and stored as energy. When issues arise with Agni toxic elements get stored in our

body,  which  in  turn  becomes  an  ally  to  the  parasites  entering  our  body.  It  is  important  to detoxify(flushing  out  the  toxins)  daily  by  juices  and  vegetables.  When  Agni has increased it builts a wall and acts as a guardian from the foreign particles. Thus making our cells the best warriors and improves our immunity system.

With the proper diet and supplements, other things to be concentrated are having enough sleep which calms and relaxes our mind and relieves our stress.

Working out

To balance the doshas it is necessary for us to exercise regularly. It could be in any form yoga, walking,  dancing,  playing  but  it  should  help  in  flushing  out  our sweat. Work out relaxes our entire body and makes us enthusiastic for the day.

Besides  the  tips  above,  one  must  really be intended for the health of their body. It is in our hands how we manage the lifestyle, diet and stress level for a healthy life.

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