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Irozyme tablet


  • Non-steroid
  • Non – Sedative
  • Non-Alcoholic
  • No side effects
  • Uncoated tablets
  • Liquid concentrate
  • No artificial flavors
  • Organic


Irozyme tablet

(Gastric friendly iron with digestion)


Grace Greens Ayurveda introduce irozyme tablet for increasing iron content in our body.  It helps to increase hemoglobin levels (red blood cells).  100% pure organic tablet which, helps women, especially during the pregnancy time period. It is a Non-steroid tablet, so all people can buy Ayurvedic iron tablet.


  • Satisfies daily iron requirements
  • Supplement for women during pregnancy, lactation & for chronic disease
  • Maintains normal bowel habits without any gastric irritation
  • Relaxes the mind
  • Rejuvenates the body and blood purify malnutrition
  • Increases resistance to stress
  • Boosts defense system against flu and cold viruses with its significant antioxidant activity
  • Helps to regulate your metabolic activities
  • Uncoated tablets
  • Best supplement for anemia in pregnancy
  • Safe and free of side effects


Take 1 or 2 tablets twice a day

Note: Preferably with milk

Use under medical supervision

Ayurvedic Irozyme tablet

Taking iron might reduce the risk of anemia.  If people feel anemic, it confirms that the amount of iron in their bodies is declining. Grace greens introduce non-steroidal iron tablets.  Buy Ayurvedic iron tablet in grace greens to say goodbye to anemia.

Symptoms of low iron content

  • Headache
  • Tired frequently
  • Feel body weak
  • Hair loss
  • Mouth pain
  • Body pain
  • Do not feel food taste
  • pale skin
  • concentration power reduced
  • feel disturbed mindset
  • Feel sore tongue
  • difficult swallowing
  • chest pain

Irozyme tablet helpful for,

  • children’s
  • adults
  • women’s
  • pregnant women
  • heart failure people
  • women who are getting experience of heavy period
  • people who donate blood frequently
  • cancer people
  • blood disorders
  • people with alcohol addict
  • who made heavy exercise

why iron important 

  • Support muscle metabolism
  • Maintain body functioning cells
  • helps to increase the brain development
  • concentration power

People who were suffered the above-mentioned issues to take an Ayurvedic iron tablet to improve health and mind.   Irozyme tablet helps to increase blood cells levels.

Buy Ayurvedic iron tablet


  • Quick result
  • Freedom from anemia
  • Used only medical plants
  • Made by scientific formulation manner


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