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Digestive issues and cure

Digestion  is  a  key  system  of  the  body.  As  soon  as we have the first bite, the process gets started. It is a long process that encapsulates the following: starting with the breakdown of the food we take, then process out the nutrients in our food and produces the energy, and finally culminates  the  waste.  Despite  we  have  familiarity  with  our  stomach,  the  digestive  system incorporates many organs with it. Digestion issues are faced by all but the tolerance level gets low when the condition worsens.

Commo digestive / Gastrointestinal issues

Some common signs and symptoms when there are issues with our digestive system include:

●    Heartburn

●    Indigestion

●    Acid reflux

●    Constipation

●    Diarrhea

●    Foul breath

●    Lactose intolerance

●    Inflammatory bowel disease

●    Bloating causes frequent burping or flatulence

●    Abdominal cramps

Tips and tricks for managing digestive issues

1.   The  initial  pace  is  to  find  the  reason  behind  the  issue.  It  may  be  due  to  your  diet, sleeping pattern, work stress; so the first step is to identify the reason behind it.

2.   Rushing the food is a common habit with many. So when you have a bite give some time to chew your food.

3.   In the case of diarrhea, food poisoning; make sure vegetables, vessels we use for the prep work is washed.

4.   A strict NO to lie down immediately after having a big meal.

5.   Having fiber-rich foods, drinking at least 8 glasses of water, and working out on a daily basis eases your digestive issues.

Home remedies for digestion

There are many home-based items, we use in our kitchen cures the basic issues of digestion.


Ginger with its phenolic compounds helps in curing many digestive issues. Including ginger in our daily food and tea will trigger our digestive enzymes and helps with the proper working of our digestive system

Asafoetida/ Hing

It  is  an  effective  ingredient  for  bloating  and  flatulence.  It  is  added  for  its  aroma  in  Indian cuisines. It can be taken with hot water by adding a pinch of it.

Fennel seeds

With rich in fiber content, these seeds help in relieving heartburn and indigestion. Chewing the seeds after the meal or we can have it like tea for relieving gas and improving digestion.

Apple cider vinegar

It can help in treating many digestive issues like heartburn, bloating, gas, and stomach cramps. Although  its  acidic  it  has  pectin,  a  water-soluble  fiber  that  helps  the  bowel  movement.  A teaspoon of ACV and organic honey in warm water can be taken twice a day. It acts as a great home remedy for most of the digestive issues.

Aloe vera

It   is   well   known   for   its   antifungal   and   antibacterial   properties.   With   the   presence   of polysaccharides, it helps in curing stomach ulcers on regular intake. This remedy can be taken as a juice of its flesh in an empty stomach in the morning on a regular basis.


Lemon has numerous benefits with our whole body. It can be taken especially in the morning to get rid of heartburn and it increases the production of bile and purifies the blood.


Garlic  is  a  potent  component,  which  is  well known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It can be added in the food we cook to relieve excess gas and reduces the cramps. Caraway seeds

It consists of two main elements; carvene and carvol which has carminative and anti-spasmodic properties.  It  can  be  taken  as tea. It helps in relieving excess gas and soothes the muscles present in the digestive tract.

Ayurvedic cure

We at grace greens have products that are curated with ayurvedic herbs and are uncoated for the maximum benefits.

Oximar 500 mg

It is the best digestive aid, encapsulated with more curative herbal element It helps in relieving excess  gas  and  reduces  acidity.  It  also  helps  people  suffering  from  the  loss  of  appetite, indigestion, and stomach fullness.


●    Ensures swift neutralization of acidity

●    Increases ph of the stomach

●    Breaks up gas bubbles and instantly eliminates gas

●    Inhibits production of gastric acid

●    Treats acid-induced ulcers and inflammation

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